Why does the inclusion / exclusion of files not work for compilation?

Sass works at the directory level, so this is not supported. You can work around this by using multiple templates.



Do you provide snapshot versions?

Yes. Snapshots are automatically deployed to Maven central. You just need to add the snapshot repository to the pluginRepositories section in yor projects pom file as shown in the example below.

        <name>Sonatype OSS Snapshots Repo</name>



Compiling Compass fails when there is an Umlaut in a path used

This is due to the way path information is passed to Compass, either change your OS or move on to use directories without an Umlaut.

A branch illustrating this behaviour is available in the umlaut-directory branch.

For all the details see issue #79


Compiling Compass on Windows fails

This only applies to plugin version 2.8 or lower

Compiling Compass on Windows fails with an error similar to:

File to import not found or unreadable: compass/css3/opacity (issue: #41).

The cause of this is in the way jruby constructs directory paths in jar file. As a workaround, on Windows, you can downgrade the JRuby version that is used by the plugin to 1.7.10. An example of how to do this using a property and a profile is shown below.

<!-- this is the jruby version included in the plugin (version 2.7) dependencies-->

            <!-- downgrade version -->